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Richard Ussher

[ Male / New Zealand ]
Proficiency:Triathlon, Outdoor Multi-sport

achievement / proficiency

Richard has amassed an impressive resume of achievements, both as part of Adventure racing teams such as his own Adventure Sport NZ, former NZ team Seagate / Balance Vector, and Nike USA as well as on an individual basis.

With wins in every edition of the Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge 2007 - 2010, World Adventure racing Champion in 2005 and 2006 along with wins in Wulong Outdoor Quest 2008, Primal Quest 2004, Balance Bar 24 hour series overall Champion 2004, Outdoor Quest 2003 his status as one of the premier Adventure racers in the world today are unquestionable.


1st Foster Anaconda race, Australia 2011 

1st Xterra New Zealand, 2011

1st The Dual MTB race 2011 

1st Coast to Coast Multisport World Championships


1st Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge, Abu Dhabi

1st Lake to Lighthouse Multisport race

1st Motu Challenge

1st Challenge Wanaka, Iron distance tri 2010 – Race record, bike split record


1st Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge

1st Lake to Lighthouse Multisport race 

1st Queen Charlotte Classic Multisport race 

1st Motu Challenge Multisport race 

3rd place Quelle Challenge Roth, Iron Distance tri, Germany – NZ record time

1st Are Extreme Multisport race, Sweden – race record

1st Xterra New Zealand – race record

1st Takaka Hill Climb (running)

1st Southland ½ Ironman – race record