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Li Dong

[ Female/ China]
Proficiency:Trail Run

achievement / proficiency

LiDong, China prominent trail runner, contracting with Red bull. She was born on 1989, and joined the outdoor sport team of China University Of Geosciences in 2008, by then she started the professional training. In 2013, she shifted her focus to trail run and dominated in almost every game in a blink of eye. In 2015, She ranked second place in UTWT World Tour and nominated as ”The best Non-Olympic athlete” in CCTV 5. 

 Some of her records including: 

 2014 Beijing Mountain Marathon                             Champ

 2015 HK Saikung Skyrunning 50km                        Champ

 2015 UTWT TRANSGRANCANARIA HG 125KM    Third place

 2015 UTWT Australia Blue Mountain 100Km           Champ

 2016 HK Vibram 100km                                            Champ