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2017 Altay Expedition Open 120km

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2017-01-18 Event Type:Event
  • place:Altay, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region
  • time:2017年06月05日~09日
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Event Info

The 2017 Altay Expedition will be officially accepted as one stage of ARWS. It is the only race in the ARWS series in Asia.


Team Adventuring Race


Distance (km)

Entry Fee (USD)






14:00, 5th,Jun-14:00, 8th,Jun

72hours in all

4-person mixed gender team

The entry fee contains insurances, accommodations, airport shuttle bus, logistics, race bags and tickets to scenery zones


·Race Date

5th-9th, Jun


Registration will be closed before 31st, Mar, 2017!


Altay, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

Event Rules

Compulsory Gears

Race items




One for each team (provided by organizer)

Bib vest

One for each person (provided by organizer)


One for each team (provided by organizer)

Timing Card

One for each person (provided by organizer)

Number Bib

One for each person (provided by organizer)

Handheld GPS

One for each team with enough batteries during the race

Waterproof bags

Enough for map and medical kits


One for each team, double-layer with size no less than 2.5 squared meter


One for each person, with spare battery

Stom Jackets

One for each person, water and wind proof with hoody and taped seams, weighed over 200G

Water-proof Pants

One for each person, water and wind proof, weighed over 200G

Thermal fleece (basic layer)

One for each person

Thermal Pants (basic or middle layer)

One for each person

Jacket (middle layer)

Weighed over 200G


One for each person


One pair for each person

Rescue Blankets

One for each person


One for each person


One for each person


One for each person, minus 10,weighed over 400G


Two for each team


One for each team, wind-proof is a must

Mountain bicycle

One for each person (rent from organizer or bring your own)

Boat with double seats

Two for each team (provided by organizer)


One for each person (rent from organizer or bring your own)

Life vest

One for each person (provided by organizer)

Safe belt

One for each person (provided by organizer)

Slack line

Two for each person (provided by organizer)

ATC or 8 shape clip

One for each person (provided by organizer)

Clip lock

One for each person (provided by organizer)

Medical Kit

See below


Medical Kit

Water-proof bag is an obligatory request!


Elastic bandage

1 roll for each person

2m in slouching with width of 7.5cm

Triangle bandage

1 roll for each person

For improvised situation with creative idea

Sterilized stuff

2 pieces for each person

7.5cm x 7.5cm


1 roll for each person

For improvised situation with creative idea

Anti-allergy drug

For 4-persons’ use


Suggested but not compulsory

1) Anti-inflames, 2) pain relievers, 3) electrolyte, 4) Anti- diarrhea, 5) Sterilizer, 6) sterilized gloves and pads for CPR 



We only accept application from athletes more than 18 year-old (60岁限制毫无必要).

·Team Leader

A Team Leader must perform the duties as follow:

Acquire all the information from organizer.

Instruct the whole team to perform strictly according to the regulation issued by organizer.

Be in charge of withdrawing or protesting.

Other responsibility.

·Navigation & Maintaining

No less than 2 teammates are able to use contour map and compass under any weather condition.

No less than 1 teammate are able to fix bicycle errs.

·Safety Skills

All the teammates must be able to:

Swim in open water

Kayak in lake and river through current

Ride the Mountain Bike.


No crewing and crew supporting is allowed.

Size of bicycle crate: no less than 140cm x 80cm x 30cm. 4 crates are required for each team and prepared by yourselves.

The organizer will deliver the bicycles for you.


No offending to the locals and follow the regulation!

Leave no trace! Littering will lead to disqualifying.

·Risk Management

The organizer has the authority to cancel, suspend the race or launch alternative route for the sake of safety in necessary.

Pre-race conference

Pre-race conference is very important to learn the detailed info as follow:

Detailed contour map will be revealed

Detailed locations of checkpoints/switch zone will be revealed

Detailed race manuals and guidance books will be revealed

Other vital information such as weather and count-measures to frequent risks during the race


Gifts for top X teams

Registration and Payment


1 Download, fill the registration form, send it back to info@xtrail.cn and wait for acceptance.

2 Pay the registration fee within one week after receiving the acceptance and send your invoice of payment back to info@xtrail.cn.

3 You will get a confirmation of payment via email before 10th, Apr, 2016. Print it out for picking up your racing bibs.

registration form



Official Alipay Account: zhe.feng@xtrail.cn

Official Paypal Account: zhe.feng@xtrail.cn

Info of Bank Transfer:

Country/Region: China

SWIFT code for Bank Branch :PCBCCNBJBJX

Beneficiary’s Bank Name: China Construction Bank Guanganmen Branch (CHN中国建设银行广安门支行)

Beneficiary’s Bank Address: No.7, Binhe Road,South Guangwai,Xicheng District, Beijing City,China (CHN北京市西城区广外南滨河路7)

Beneficiary’s USD currency A/C No. 11050165520000000189 (20 digits)

Beneficiary’s Name: Xtrail Expedition Sports Co., LTD (CHN北京远征探索体育文化传播有限公司)

Beneficiary’s Address: Unit 407, No.121 Guangqumen Inner Street ,Dongcheng District,Beijing City (CHN北京市东城区广渠门内大街121号搜宝崇文407)

- People who apply for the 168KM, 100KM, and 50KM categories must offer the information below: name, gender, category, amount of the payment and last four digits of ID as follow:

(Example1. San SMITH, Male, 168KM, 1680CNY, EXT1234), or (Example2. Si Robert, Female, 100KM, 1200CNY, 5ER678)

- People who apply for the 600KM category must offer the information below: Elite + Title of team + Name of Team Leader + Last 4 digits of your passport

(Example. Elite, Beijing Ceexek, Wu BULL, 7890)

Organization will send confirm email to the participants when the enrollment successful. The final list of participants will be post on 10th, Apr, 2017 at Xtrail’s WeChat and Facebook account.



Official Website: 





Mon-Fri, 10:00-17:00 (Beijing Time)


No.7, Binhe Road,South Guangwai, Xicheng District, Beijing City, China (CHN北京市西城区广外南滨河路7)

The 2016 version

On September 25th, 2016, the 2016 ARWS Altay Expedition was held successfully in Altay, Xijiang. It was the first ARWS race in China, and he only one in Asia. There were 28 highly competitive teams from 20 different countries stepped on this 330KM journey.

Event Highlight


1 For versatile all-rounders!

Team race with old friends and new ones you have never met before for an impressive 120km route!

2 Interesting tests of comprehensive skills!

Hiking, trail running, mountain bicycle, canoeing, rappelling!

Primitive orientations with contour map and compass!

Seek and Check in at all the 40 checkpoints along the route but NO electrical device is allowed!

3 Push through with days and nights!

A Single-staged, non-stop, self-sufficient Hungry Game with limited support!

4 Essence of natural beauties in Xinjiang!

*Kanas Lake, snowy mountains, grasslands and ancient villages of silk route centuries ago!

*Do keep eyes peeled on the cut-off time, in case of straying too much in the stunning natural beauty and various cultures of hospitable local minorities!

(The organization will set up the transfer station (including the medical service)

Official Event Arrangement
Day 1:2nd,Jun (Fri)

09:00-20:00,Shuttle bus from airport to Hotel

All day,Check in and pick up bags

Day 2:3rd,Jun (Sat)

10:00-12:00,Pre-race conference

14:00-22:00,Check and test compulsory gears, pick up bags

Day 3:4th, Jun (Sun)

11:00-11:30,Open ceremony

18:00-22:00,Prepare your crates for transportation
Day 4:5th, Jun (Mon)

08:00-13:00,Crates are delivered to start at the tourists center of Kanas Lake


Day 5:6-7th, Jun

All day,Race

Day 6:8th , Jun (Thu)

14:00,Finish and final cut-off

19:00,Awards given ceremony and banquet

Day 7:9th , Jun (Fri)

All day,Shuttle bus from airport to Hotel

Course Route



Detailed map and recommended route will be available at the pre-race conference along with explanation of other technical terms.

All the teammate should maintain interval of maximum 100m to each other during the race.


Detailed locations of checkpoints and rules will be available at pre-race conference!

Switching zones are also checkpoints and supply points.

All the checkpoints and switching zones will be well marked in the map.

All the team members have to check in in all of the checkpoints and switching zones.

Referees will be deployed at some checkpoints.