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2017 Mt. YuLong (Jade Dragon) Trail Run

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2017-09-30 Event Type: Xtrail Event
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Official Event Arrangement
Day 1:

Trail Running/Expedition Race with PRIZE GIFTS for TOPS

Entry fee includes insurance during the race along with medal, number bib, sticker, bag and racing T-shirt. However, we recommend that you buy supplementary insurance for your own before the race.

Traffic and accommodations is not included in the entry fee.

Early bird price will be expired till 30th, Sep 2018.

*For the people who could have access to RMB payment directly on Wechat or with help of Chinese friends.(http://www.geexek.com/cmpt/detail?Y2lkPTc4NzM=

If you do not have access to RMB payment, please turn to read item of “Payment” and use the Paypal.

The Registration will be closed by 19th, Oct, 2017 or the field is full prior to this date.



3rd-5th, Nov 2017

09:00-20:00, 3rd, Nov, 2017, Pre-race day(check in, technical debriefing)

4th-5th. Nov, 2017, Race


Yulong Autonomous County of Naxi People, Lijiang City, Yunnan Province


Place of picking up gears and pre-race conference are to be announced.

104KM/3947M Total Ascent, 4400M Total Descent

1) Route: 

8 checkpoints in all

First aid, food and water supply are available at check points.

Dropbags will be delivered to CP4 at the 40km.

Closing time:26h

Start : Yulong Resort Parking Lot(玉龙雪山景区停车场)

Finish: Yulong County Municipal Square(玉龙政府广场)

ITRA/UTMB points to be announced.

2) Requirement:

Finished at least 2 marathons or a 100 km trail running race in recent 1 years within its duration

*All the participants must be 18 years or above.

**Signing your waiver before picking up your bags!

48KM/2123M Total Ascent, 2500M Total Descent

1) Route:

4 checkpoints in all

First aid, food and water supply are available at check points.

Closing time:13h

Start : Yulong  Resort Parking Lot(玉龙雪山景区停车场)

Finish: Jade Water Village (玉水寨)

ITRA/UTMB points to be announced.

2) Requirement:                              

Finished at least one marathon or a 50km trail running race in recent 1 years within its duration

*All the participants must be 18 years or above.

**Signing your waiver before picking up your bags!

23KM/757M Total Ascent

1) Route:

2 checkpoints in all

First aid, food and water supply are available at check points.

Closing time:6h

Start & Finish: Yulong County Municipal Square(玉龙政府广场)

2) Requirement:

Finished at least one marathon or a 25km trail running race in recent 1 years within its duration

*All the participants must be 18 years or above.

**Signing your waiver before picking up your bags!

Culture and Nature

Located in Yulong Naxi People’s Autonomous County, Lijiang City, Yunnan Province,at the southern brim of Mainland China, the Yulong Snow Mountain(Literally means Jade Dragon) is one of the top ten most beautiful snow mountains. The local Naxi People have called it The Silver Mountain with White Sands. The white clouds drifts at the waist of Her Majesty, like a giant jade dragon. This is why it is named. The geology there is featured by limestone and basalt with colors of pale white and dark black respectively. So it is called The Black and White Snow Mountain as well.

The Jade Dragon Snow Peak is famous for its demanding environment and technical terrain for ascending, astonishing beauty and elegance, from ancient time, and testified in many poetries and lyrics.

The Naxi People has regarded it as a divine mountain and mighty protector, the San-Duo. In Lijiang there has been an annual ceremony called “San-Duo Festival”, or Festival of Three Abundance on the 8th day of the 2nd month according to Chinese Lunar Calendar. On the very location, Naxi people go to monasteries to pay their respect with mutton and wine, and burn incense, kowtow and pray, wearing their featured attires, singing and dancing happily.

The Naxi people is well known for their unique Dongba Culture, which is officially certified by the UNESCO as one of the World Heritage. The Dongba characters is the oldest pictograph in Yunnan, and the only one which is still be used today around the world from some 1400 years ago. Their religion is featured by a clan of gods specialized in different aspects of daily life, known as “spirits of ten thousand things”.

Compulsory Gears

About Medical Kit**

** Or equivalence.

Please write down the emergency contact information on the back of your number bib! Do NOT cover your bib and maintain its visibility during the race!

*Any violation on compulsory gears will lead to immediate disqualification!

**Gears will be checked at the check in place, the start/finish, and randomly along the course.

Suggested but not compulsory:

1) Electrolyte drink, water and food

2) Sun Cream, glasses, cap and

3) Dry and warm clothes in waterproof bag and Vaseline.

4) Pole(s).


Payment by USD

Official Alipay Account: zhe.feng@xtrail.cn

Official Paypal Account: zhe.feng@xtrail.cn

Info of Bank Transfer:

Country/Region: China

SWIFT code for Bank Branch :PCBCCNBJBJX

Beneficiary’s Bank Name: China Construction Bank Guanganmen Branch (CHN中国建设银行广安门支行)

Beneficiary’s Bank Address: No.7, Binhe Road,South Guangwai,Xicheng District, Beijing City,China (CHN北京市西城区广外南滨河路7号)

Beneficiary’s USD currency A/C No. 11050165520000000189 (20 digits)

Beneficiary’s Name: XTRAIL Expedition Sports Co., LTD (CHN北京远征探索体育文化传播有限公司)

Beneficiary’s Address: Unit 407, No.121 Guangqumen Inner Street ,Dongcheng District,Beijing City (CHN北京市东城区广渠门内大街121号搜宝崇文407室)

Contact Us

1) info@xtrail.cn

2)+86-010-84430529 (Mon-Fri, 0930-1630) 

- People who apply for the 100KM, 50KM and 25KM categories must offer the information below: name, gender, category, amount of the payment and last four digits of ID as follow:

(Example1. San SMITH, Male, 100KM, 140 USD, EXT1234), or (Example2. Si Robert, Female, 50KM, 100USD, 5ER678) 

Organization will send confirm email to the participants when the enrollment successful.


1 Send the email to info@xtrail.cn ,contact with Organizing Committee.

Download and fill the registration form

3 Send the form with invoice to info@xtrail.cn


1 Gift

The top three of each category will acquire trophies and gifts as awards. 

2 Others

Finish medal, ceremony t-shirt and digital certificate to each finisher

If there is any protest

1) Please contact organizer within 24hours after the race is officially finished.

2) 500RMB Yuan deposit is required. It will be returned only the protest is confirmed by organizer.

Tips of Travelling 


Fly to Lijiang International Airport, then take taxi to hotels qualified for accommodating oversea tourists


1 )InterContinental Hotel Lijiang Ancient Town Resort

Address: 276 Xianghe Road, Old Town District : Lijiang , YN, China (People's Republic) :

Tel: +86-888-5588888

CHN: 丽江和府洲际度假酒店


2) Hexi Hotel (Naxi Style)

Address: 10 Guyou Alley, Old Town District : Lijiang , YN, China (People's Republic) :

Tel: +86-888-3016667, or 6877777

CHN: 丽江和玺酒店


3) Lijiang Vienna International Hotel, or Yuxue (Jade Snow) Hotel

Address: 213, Yuxue Street Lijiang , YN, China (People's Republic)

Tel: +86-888- 3026333



4) Others:



The XTRAIL is a sports management company found by hardcore outdoor athletes and located in Beijing, China. It aims at organizing exceptional events such as trail running, mountain bicycle and adventuring race in the most astonishing wildness in Mainland China. Offering participants pleasant yet highly competitive atmosphere in race, and let them enjoy outdoor sports are always our mission and vision.

In 2015-2016, the XTRAIL organized many successful outdoor events, such as the Gaoligong 100KM Trail Run , the FKT Yuzhu Summit Quest, the Zhangye 100KM Ultra-Trail Run, the Wulong100/50KM Trail Run, the Minya Konka Mountain 100KM Trail Run, the Ninghai Hot Spring Mountain Marathon and ARWS Altay Expedition.

In 2017, we will keep enhancing the experience of participants. The brand-new ultra-trail event, 2017 ARWS XTRAIL Altay Expedition in the first half of June was a success.

For more information about these two events please follow our social media account on WeChat, or contact:

1) info@xtrail.cn


More information will be updated on Facebook...