Beijing Xtrail Expedition Sports Co.,Ltd, abbreviated as “Xtrail”, founded in 2014 and based in Beijing, China, was created to provide an inclusive and dynamic community for outdoor racing enthusiasts in China and abroad. Xtrail’s products and services can be classified into four categories: (1) Organizing professional-level races with world-renowned partner. (“Xtrail Pro”) For adventure races, we signed the exclusive license with ARWS. For domestic 100km trail run, we registered on the ITRA points evaluation.

(2) Creating and operating customized outdoor adventure races for business institution, including team-bonding service and sport-tourism development. (“Xtrail Series”) (3) Urban district outdoor events for amateur participants(“Xtrail Carnival”), (4) a team-oriented and devoted community to grow together share these experiences with.

Xtrail is committed to pursuing excellence in all aspects of our business, first-and-foremost by providing top-quality service to individuals and teams of all levels. Throughout dedicated partnerships with Red Bull, Salomon, Suunto and Toread, we are well-positioned to extend our global footprint to create the most global and interconnected community of outdoor enthusiasts.

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Beijing Xtrail Expedition Sports Co.,Ltd,

Contact Person: Jing Huang

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Address: No121 Guangqumen Innner Street, Unit 407, Dongcheng Distrct, Beijing. 


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 Joining Xtrail Series (To become an organizer!)

  If you are interested in hosting an outdoor event, you are more than welcome to become an Xtrail member, we will collaborate you in all following aspect: 

  Technical Support: Xtrail have expertise groups from globe with the highest proficiency in the field, they will support you with profession in route decisions and event planning. 

  Sponsorship:  Xtrail are interacted with potential sponsors in various industries, we will sharing the sponsor resources with our best efforts. 

  Event Content: Xtrail signed the only shooting team focused in Outdoor sports in China, forming an content production line, serves you from advertising previews to post event media.

  Promotion: With the abundance in event experience, Xtrail formed a tight connection with media groups and distribution channels, ensures the exposure of event. 

  Xtrail Points: Xtrail now have an integrated evaluation system, we offer points and benefit to every race member.

Application for competition
Event consulting and customizationApplication Event and customization

      As the most professional race organization in China, we have the ALL-STAR group in outdoor resources including international experts. Beyond race event, Xtrail can also provide customized service in tourism development, outdoor resource application, outdoor parental bonding and all other related service. In a word, if you have any interest in sport, tourism and outdoor field, we are exactly the team you need! Feel free to contact us!

Application Event and customization

Haruki Murakami, What I Talk About When I Talk About Running.

  Evan though you are not qualified as an athlete, you are now invited to an opportunity to extend your life, become the volunteers! Each year Xtrail will post our race schedule on platforms and websites, if the location and date matches with you, we wish you can leave the contact. We will also splitting groups based on your specialization, General Volunteers, Shooting Volunteers, Translating Volunteers and Medical Volunteers. It’s more than helping people and fulfill yourselves, it’s also about socializing and embracing the nature!

“Most runners run not because they want to live longer, but because they want to live life to the fullest.”

Application volunteers
xtrail recruit
  • Xtrail Enrollment 10人 beijing mianyi
    Job description:

      Position:   Xtrail Media & PR Internship


    1. Familiar with all the social media especially Wechat and Weibo, having thoughts in media operating.
    2. Having an adequate ability in operation, planning, execution and communication.
    3. English proficiency is preferred. 

    Job Description:

    1. Using Wechat and Weibo as platform, creating and promoting persuasive and high-quality content, building brand image and expanding audiences. 



    More than you expected, we will also provide awesome apparel as welfare, giving us a chance to surprise you. 

    If you are interested, please prepare a resume (Chinese preferred), including your       education background, past experience and contact info. And send it to: kun.zhai@xtrail.cn

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